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Corcovado National Park
Corcovado National Park is truly the "Crown Jewel"  of the park system in Costa Rica!

Corcovado National Park is home to 15 of the 30 endangered animal species in Costa Rica. In
addition, there are some 367 species of birds, 123 butterflies, 117 amphibians and reptiles, 140
mammals (5 different wild cats including jaguars), and over 10,000 insects . There are over 700
types of trees residing in this park including massive Espavel and Nazareno trees that serve as
home to a plentiful population of scarlet macaws. Even the Harpy Eagle, which was thought to be
extinct, has been sighted here. Amazing sightings happen everyday in Corcovado!

It is
not possible to hike to Sirena Ranger Station and return in a single day.
From La Leona or Los Patos Ranger Staions, to the Sirena Ranger Station a 23km hike
each way.
46K in a day is not possible.

For multiple day tours, please complete the form below.
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The information below is for day excursions only.

Don't give up yet...It is 100% possible to do a day hike into Corcovado National Park and it's
completely worth the effort, even if it's just for a day!!

The entrance fee to Corcovado National Park is $1
5 PP USD. You will need a park permit, which
is only issued in advance. Corcovado National Park also requires a certified guide to enter the
park property, about $60PP. As this truly is one of the wildest places in the world...and you will
see more, learn more, and have an all around better and safer experience by having a certified
guide with you. We will get you the best guides on the Osa!

From Puerto Jimenez, it is about two hour drive to Carate, although the road is in excellent
condition now, so it may take less time. It is another 40 minute walk to the park boundary.
Many people take single day Corcovado tours from Puerto Jimenez, so the information below
summarizes options for day excursions.

By Collective Taxi.  This "colectivo" is a converted cattle truck that runs twice daily transport
service between Puerto Jimenez and Carate. Departs Jimenez at 6:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. daily,
and departs from Carate at 8:15 and 3:45 p.m.  The fee is $10 Per Person each way and the
travel time is about two hours barring break downs, flat tires, and high rivers.
It is a forty minute hike from Carate to the park boundary, so this alternative will provide about
six hours of actual park time.

By Private Taxi. This is the best way to go...leave the driving to someone else! Drivers will stop
when you want, your guide will be able to point out cool stuff along the way, and you can make
your own schedule. If you want to stay longer...great! If you've had enough, there is no waiting
around for the last colectivo. Rates for a Private Taxi are $90 each way. A comfortable SUV
Taxi would be 4 guests, your guide, and the driver. Totally worth the extra expense!!

By Rental Car.  A rental car provides the flexibility of establishing your own travel itinerary.  
The drive between Puerto Jimenez and Carate is one of the most beautiful anywhere, and this is
a great day excursion, considerably more comfortable than the colectivo.  Make sure to fuel up
on the way out of town as there are no service stations beyond Puerto Jimenez.  You may leave
your rental car at the Carate Pulperia for a fee of $5 while you hike in the park.  A rental car is
arguably the best way to get around Costa Rica, so those visiting the peninsula in a rental car
should by all means consider driving to Carate just for the experience, even if you don't intend
to hike to the park.  For those already in Puerto Jimenez,
Solid Car Rental has an office and fleet
of vehicles in Puerto Jimenez, though it is best to reserve in advance to ensure availability,
especially during the busy periods of December - April and July-August.

By Plane.  It is only fifteen minutes to fly into Sirena Ranger Station.  During the dry season, Alfa
Romeo Aero Taxi offers a daily and return flight between Puerto Jimenez and Sirena Ranger
Station. This option allows you to explore the Sirena area in a single day! The Rate for the plane
is $360 each way to Sirena. The Pilot plus 5 other passengers is the capacity of the plane.  
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"The most biologically intense place on Earth..."
National Geographic
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